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Keller Door is now
a Beer & Burger bar! 

Over the hill they came, charging, charging, charging, like a crazed, chargrilled army of meat, pillowy-bunned and dripping in glorious sauce; a light-brigade of the gourmand. The beers stood resolute, defiant in their amber beauty, staring down the advancing waves of delicious beefy goodness. Such valour and courage in the face of such an umami wave. And why? Because that band of brothers, that fellowship of best-bud-beers knew that when the two tides of exceptional craftsmanship collided, burger on beer, there would be only love, love and lifelong friendship; and it is love that conquers all.

And thus it was, for all to behold. Like hands around the world the team from 4 Pines has linked palm with palm, fingers intertwined with fingers, to bring Manly the second incarnation of its burger & beer bromance, the Manly Beer & Burger bar.

Weekly What’s On

Wednesday Trivia from 7pm! Prizes, giveaways and fresh beer

Thursday Cheese Vs Chook $12

Sunday $16 jugs of beer & $10 Cocktails

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An eclectic  range of ever-changing Keller Door beers, coupled with many of your favourite core range stalwarts pair with a menu of bovine beauty, piscine perfection, porcine purity and vegetal vivaciousness to culminate in the gastronomic equivalent of Starsky and Hutch, Cheech and Chong, Cagney and Lacey…….

Beers and Burgers were made for one another, the hair to Samson, the MjØlner to Thor and the Thesaurus to the guy that wrote this ramble.

4 pines now has a home for both its inspired beer and burger creations and you are looking right at it. Welcome. Come on in. The water is perfect.


Limited bookings are taken for groups of six or more before 6:30pm Tuesday-Sunday. After this time, and for smaller groups, turn up with a smile and we’ll do our best and bend over backwards to get you seated and ready to settle in.
To make a booking, please either call or email the venue.

Ph:(02) 9977 5287


 Venue Hours

Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday to Friday: From 5pm until late-ish
Saturday & Sunday: 12pm until late

Public Holiday Hours

Check here for Public Holiday Hours

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