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Wild Thing – A brewer and his 5 year old mate

5 years ago, brewer Tweeds tried his luck at gardening. He planted some blueberries from which sprouted a glorious blueberry plant. The plant managed to squeeze out barely 3 measly blueberries. Realising this wasn’t enough for breakfast, he scratched his glorious head and started thinking of other things he could do. As he sat and stared at his blueberry he couldn’t help but notice that one had some white fungus growing on it – a light came on and he remembered that this is usually a sign of wild yeast! So he cultivated it and for the next 5 years he’s been making sour dough bread with it at least once a week.
Being a brewer he knew that you can create some pretty crazy beers with wild yeast and in the spirit of his baking he wanted to base it on bread that he’s been baking with it. In the beer went malted; barley, wheat, rye and spelt. And thus “Wild Thing” was born. A crisp, tart, fruity and refreshing beer with a hit of wild yeast funk.

Try it at the Keller Door in Brewpub Manly or the Truckbar Brookvale while it lasts.


Edible tap decals, Brewpub Manly.

Sour dough draft beer, Brewpub Manly.