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Our First Carbon Positive Brew

We’ve brewed our first officially carbon positive brew! That’s right, this roll model beer was brewed with naan of the impact. We’ve dubbed this well bread beer “The Upcycle Ale”.
This is no half-baked idea; The Upcycle Ale is brewed with surplus bread leftover from the days production. Surplus bread is a reality in every bakery, but the surplus bread for this brew was donated from our friends at Brasserie Bread.
We invited in everyone from farm to bakery to join in and brew with us! From the Crowe family who grew the barley to the good humans at Provenance Flour and Malt who supply us with that barely and the flour for Brasserie Bread who baked the bread. Everyone joined in with their families to help us brew and the fellow B Corp legends at Edge Environment were there to check out the process. They then have done some nerdy (but vital!) calculations and come up with the final figures. It turns out that the beer ended up having a smaller carbon footprint than a regular brew (still less than 1 tonne of carbon). So to celebrate, we actually offset 1 tonne of greenhouse gas emissions!

Tweeds (Andrew Tweddell), the brewer behind the beer says that “one of the challenges was keeping the PH balance in line with the addition of the bread. The bread was more acidic than expected, but it evened out and he’s very happy with the results. But as an experimental beer we’ve learnt a lot and in the world of brewing there are always new and exciting variations to try and we really look forward to trying more of this.”

Tweeds also commented that “It’s really nice to work with people who give a crepe. Everyone kneads a good beer and we know this one’s scone be a good one. With the way the world is going we’ll all be toast soon. Crust me it’s time to give all or muffin. If we don’t start going against the grain it’ll be too late and I for one will break down and rye – filled with self-loafing. Lest we baguette all the people already suffering from climate change. It’s time we crumb to our senses! Change is coming and the sooner we realise that the breader. It’s butter to be safe than sorry.”

Click here for the full story at Sustainability Matters.

Thanks to everyone who got involved with this!!


Love, 4 Pines.