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True Memoirs of a Dodge Truck

Do you remember the year 1960? A few things happened that year. It was the year that John F Kennedy won the presidential Election, the Flintstones premiered, Menzies was our PM and a man named Mark Bulte bought a light green Dodge truck for $1065 in a little town called Ararat Victoria.
Peter Bulte popped in to have a beer with us at the Truckbar on his last trip to Sydney and told us that his granddad, Mark, bought the truck from Johns East End Motors fresh off the boat from the USA. Mark said that shortly after it arrived the foreman disappeared with the truck for a few days and when he returned the truck was red. Not something he’d asked for but went ahead and bought it anyway.
The tray was fitted from an even older dodge truck. But forklifts were having trouble loading the truck so the tray sides had to come off and spent the next 40 years in a shed.
The 3 tonne truck was a proper work horse and, even though it was so uncomfortable to drive that you’d rather get your teeth drilled at the dentist, it’s earned it’s weight in gold over the years.

This legendary truck’s future was uncertain but for our builder Joe it was love at first sight. He drove down with his dad and picked up the truck from Avoca in Victoria. They were prepped for an epic road trip back to Brookvale but it wasn’t meant to be; the truck broke down just 8 kms down the road and we put it on the back of a truck truck ..for trucking trucks. Once it arrived in Brookvale it started right up and we drove it into the bar where it’s become immortalised. Pete and the rest of the Bulte’s are chuffed that it’s landed in such a good place and is seen & appreciated by so many people coming through.
EW Bulte are still running their business and their phone number hasn’t changed since they started the business in 1912. The number on the side still works today.


Original truck receipt.

Original truck cheque