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Single O Coffee

The Community We Love – Single O

From the moment green coffee bean buyer extraordinaire, Wendy de Jong, threw on a banana suit and started throwing banana bread and specially selected Brazilian coffee beans into a batch of beer back in 2015, we knew Single O was the right Roaster to get the tastebuds tingling in our Brewery.


It was this small batch Banana Bread & Espresso Butter Beer that inspired the Coffee Porter in our recent 2015 Keller Door beer Black Box of Dark Ales release. A brew balanced to perfection (well, we like to think!), which led to Single O coffee being a key ingredient in our Underground Manly menu – and more to come!

We sat down with Wendy, Single O’s National Sales Manager Chris Dessaix, and Brand Guardian Claire Brill on a trip down memory lane…


Our brewers are always interested in challenging themselves with the next recipe and tinkering and tweaking old and new world techniques in brewing new beers. So it was no surprise that Brewer Tweeds in his quest for variety in our 5th beer ingredient (love) showed up to a cupping at the Single O Roastworks in the early days of the Manly Brewpub. There were great learnings from the cupping, Tweeds quickly figured out, he needed to put his shirt on after thinking he turned up for a free session of ancient alternative medicine and Wendy realised just how fun coffee and beer could be if they came together. It was from this early interaction that had the brew team from then on, experimenting with coffee inspired brews.


Claire, “brand guardian”, shares that in a huge industry that’s fast paced, authenticity is key. As we grow we’ve found that the simple every day interactions that we have with coffee and beer lovers keeps us going. We found that our baristas, roasters, beer lovers behind the bar, brewers, delivery drivers…we’re all one of the same. So it’s great to be working with craftspeople who are similarly passionate.


Both Single O and 4 Pines come from a similar beginning and have experienced similar growth. Single O, opened in 2003 and “spun a few customers out” with their “fruit driven blend, affection for their then roaster named Boris and coffee beans served as single origins. Today, in addition to their Surry Hils café and brew bar, they also have Botany Roastworks, where they roast for passionate hospitality folk (Us!) other locals and interstate.

Beyond the funny costumes and joking-around, you find a bunch of people who take their craft seriously. For the love of coffee and beer, we have found a business who challenges us and shares our sense of passion. We can’t wait to see what this love story brews up next!–