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Neil and the Construction Team

The Community We Love – Neil & The Construction Team

Behind the sawdust, Neil Hardwick is a builder and family man who you can tell is fuelled by good vibes and great people. Sitting on a barrel outside of the Newport Public House, Neil tells us that he wakes up every morning at 5:00 a.m., puts his feet to the ground, takes a breath, and mutters the same three words each day “God, it’s early” “let’s do this!”. He didn’t give us the secret to being an early riser but he did mention that each breath gets easier every morning because of the team he has behind him. His wife, 3 children, and his crew make all the difference.

Finishing his apprenticeship at age 19, it’s safe to say, he’s been around a while. Forming his company in 99’; The Construction Team, he and his crew were kicking goals even well before John Farnham announced his original come back tour. Based on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Neil has assembled a team of tradesman who are determined to break the mould and change the perception of how tradies do business.

The 4 Pines way may have been unusual for Neil at first, but with just a couple of conversations, some photos, and a bunch of well-loved, hand drawn sketches – our Chief of Design Sheree, knew Neil was just the man to hit the nail on the head. We must have gotten lucky, as we later found out, Neil believes, whether you’re building a house for a friend or a pub for a family, making the decision to give or take the job isn’t just a one-way street.

If you’re keen to check out Neil and The Construction Team’s amazing work, they have just finished up 4 Pines’ Underground in Manly. When you step into the venue Neil explains, “what you’re looking at, is what it is. Recycled timber is used throughout the venue. The table tops, floor boards, walls, the rafters… Most of the timber wasn’t changed or polished to a point where it looks completely different from its original form.  Some of the recycled timber came from an 1890’s Victorian cottage and more came from an old inter-city warehouse.”

For Neil and his team, it’s all about going to any lengths to find creative solutions that add real value. With The Construction Team putting the final touches up on our fourth venue, The Public House Newport and soon to build our fifth, Belrose Beer & Bread, we’re definitely looking forward to spending a bit more time with our new extended family.

To get in contact or for more information about Neil and his team, visit The Construction Team.