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The Community We Love – Gabi & Beer Bones

There are a few regulars popping their heads in the Brew Pub who are ingrained into our history. Gabi Stephen is without a doubt one of those members of the 4 Pines extended family. Gabi is the master mind behind the beloved Craft Beer Bones that you can find the dogs of the Northern Beaches frothing over. What are Craft Beer Bones you ask? Well, you’re in for a treat! (For you and your furry friend). They are dog bones made from the spent grain left over in the brewing process and barley flour.

The idea behind Craft Beer Bones came to Gabi as she was sorting through our garbage. About 2 years ago our friend Gabi took on the massive task of working with local businesses to divert waste from landfills. As a Sustainability Consultant with Edge Environment, Gabi works in the 300 Stories NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More project. Sydney’s landfill sites are expected to be full within 5 years and the cost of disposing waste to landfill in NSW is expected to increase by up to 50% within the next 4 years. It’s people like Gabi who are making it their mission to redefine the future of waste.

At 4 Pines we like a challenge, don’t like smelly landfills, and like to watch people get their hands dirty. So naturally, we wanted to work with Gabi to freshen up and recycle more of the waste created through the brewing process. Gabi has been an indispensable part of our journey towards recycling and composting as much as we can across all 4 Pines sites. Beyond helping us understand our opportunities, she was quick to want to close the loop and create a new product from the spent grain that was left over from the brewing process.

Like a retriever in an off-leash dog park, Gabi sees an opportunity and goes for it. The simple question of ‘How else can you recycle spent grain?’ turned into a simple, fresh, and natural product that’s receiving plenty of fist pumps from Mother Nature and her generous following. Since arriving at the Brew Pub in Manly in 2015, Beer Bones have been walking themselves out our doors…well not entirely but definitely with the help of our little four legged friends.

Gabi and her passion for closing the loop has made a tremendous impact on our company and our community and beyond. From growing up in a family vacation home made out of recycled materials to helping 300 businesses divert 2000 Tonnes of waste from landfills, Gabi’s life and vision is something to raise a pint or paw to.

You can purchase Craft Beer Bones at 4 Pines Venues and Online: http://beerbones.manlybotanic.com/#home