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So there ya Gose

Meet the Ned Kelly of the beer world: Gose (pronounced ‘goes-uh‘) is an ancient, sour and salty German wheat brew. Unlike most beers, which are primarily made from malted barley, Gose uses at least 50% malted wheat, and its lemon tartness is balanced by coriander, making it bright and tangy.

Gose is one of the world’s oldest beers – initially brewed in the Middle Ages, it’s said that German Emperor Otto III was partial to glugging Gose, and that was around 1,000 years ago. Originating in Goslar, Germany, the high salinity of the river Gose was originally used to brew the beer, giving it its salty flavour.

Despite its popularity, Germany’s strict 16th century beer purity law had brewers over a barrel – the law forbade the use of any ingredient aside from barley, water and hops. Gose’s key ingredient, coriander, could not be included in a Germany-brewed beer.

So Gose was officially banished and became an outlaw in its own nation. This salty rebel went on the run, moving through the blistering heat of the European summer wearing nothing but soiled sweatbands and a leather jacket, seeking refuge in regional areas of Europe where the purity law didn’t apply.

Finally captured and sentenced to years in prison, it’s no wonder that when Gose came out from behind bars, it was a little sour.

Today, thanks to the modern craft beer movement (take a bow, crafters) and some rebel brewers in Germany, the great Gose is no longer a rogue criminal of yeasteryear – but it still tastes of rebellion. Sour, salty, tart and fruity, it’s a beer that makes you want to misbehave.

Keller Door Blueberry Gose

ABV 5%  IBU 12

A salty sophisticated beer villain on the run from German authority. Last seen blue in the face and moving through the blistering heat of the European Summer wearing nothing but soiled sweatbands and a leather jacket. He’s the outlaw who flips you off…but with your own finger. Blueberry Gose; an unapologetic mix of sour, salt, tart and fruity with a blueberry blush and subtle coriander spice.