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The Little Guy


There are unsung heroes in every job.
The Delivery Drivers job would be right up there at the top of the pile.

In another world he may be greeted with a grunt, he will reply with a hiss. A wordless uncooperative waving of the finger, directs him everywhere he doesn’t need to go to make the drop, he finally works it out for himself, unloads a 63 kilo keg OF BEER!! with his bare hands and isn’t even waved goodbye to …

Well, one man changed the game forever.
Scotty has been a fan favourite since his first day and has been the face of 4 Pines on the road in Sydney, on a single handed quest to keep thirsty customers quenched in his immaculately kept beer truck. Scotty doesn’t need long to grow on you, you look forward to the next encounter and remember him forever.

Last Friday was Scotty’s last day so the 4Pines family gathered round for some beers at “The Truck Bar” in Brookvale and naturally the questions flowed.

Scotty had a career in stockbroking before 4Pines. He started as a ‘Chalky’ in 1976 – they’re the guys that used to write up stock prices on the blackboards. When chalk dust became an OHS liability leading to the extinction of blackboards, he ascended like a Phoenix up the ranks of high finance, but then a few years back in a shock move that rocked the finance world, he quit. Just like that. He liked 4Pines. He’d been to the Manly Brewpub a lot, so when he saw an ad in the paper he pounced.

“You’ve become a bit of a legend around here, what’s your secret?” “I dunno? Be nice and smile! It’s a good place.”

“What are you going to miss about the job?” “Oh mate the people! You come in here and you can feel the energy – there’s music playing and we make beer! There are a lot of young people here and the energy of young people is quite incredible – you can taste it in the beer. Haha, you like that? That’s a good one! You can use that if you want.”

“You’ll remember us when you’re rich won’t you Scotty?” “Oh shit yeah (he laughs). I’ll be pushin’ 4Pines wherever I go. It’s a sad workplace without 4Pines.”

Hats off to you Scotty! And good luck.
(Scotty is returning to stockbroking for another roll of the dice – old dog, old tricks)