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Save water, make more beer

Water is something we take very seriously at 4 Pines. We know how important this precious resource is, not just as the magic ingredient in beer but to the planet! Which is why we’re dedicated to reducing our water usage and reusing it where possible.

In May this year, Sydney Water reported that the drought is something we need to take very seriously indeed: Greater Sydney is officially in a drought, and dam levels are dropping faster than they have in decades, yet two-thirds of Sydney residents are unaware of it. For our farmers and rural communities, drought can have a devastating impact on their businesses, families and mental health.

We know that 90-95% of our product is water, which is why water consumption and conservation is something we don’t take lightly. Working with Ecolab, we’ve implemented a number of clever solutions to reduce our water and energy consumption while ensuring safety and hygiene are not compromised, including inline treatments to eliminate the need to drain and refill our tanks; and incorporating wireless technology to ensure optimal water use at all times. Thanks to these measures, we’re now saving up to a whopping 60,000 litres of water a week, and this year, there’s been an overall reduction from 3.85 HL to 3.65 HL of water per hectolitre of beer packaged.


Our Save The Pines program also helps us manage our environmental impact; check out our ‘Beer Print’ to learn about the reduction targets we set to continue to improve year-on-year.

 We’re proud as pilsner of these initiatives, even though we know there’s a long way to go when it comes to taking responsibility for how much water we still use in times of drought. But we’ll continue to drive change for the sake of our farmers, the planet and, of course, beer.

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