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Roasted Rendezvous

Roasted Rendezvous

What would life be like without coffee? For those of us that enjoy a regular cup; impossible. It’s not just that is helps you get through your day, there’s also the social aspect of getting a cuppa. Much like beer; friendships can be formed over a cup and this is how we’ve gotten to know Single Origin Roasters.
Tweeds, our Chief Coffee Ombudsman and Head Brewer in Manly started attending their tastings and quickly got to know the gang. So when an idea came up for a future brew involving this beautiful black ichor of life, we jumped on board faster than an ostrich chasing a cyclist.

The idea was to first try a few different varieties and then start mixing our favourites with a small batch of fresh beer (brewed specifically for the occasion) to test the different flavours. We met in the Single Origin lab with Head Roaster Ed, Will, Dan and Grand Green Bean Buyer, Wendy, who had just returned from an epic coffee quest in Africa.

Meeting with masters of any craft is always an amazing experience, and these guys truly are. There are so many things that affect the taste of coffee. Apart from the origin of the bean, the type of bean, the temperature and the precipitation; what will also affect the taste are things like transport, the temperature of the roast and then the duration of the roast. Then after it’s roasted it makes a huge difference how long you wait after the roast before you brew a cup. Then we have the brewing process where things like water temperature, coffee grind style and amount, brewing style like Chemex, cold brew, French press, Aero press, coffee cone, vacuum pot, soft brew, percolator. The list goes on.


The first small batch has been pouring in both our venues this last week. The next batch will be a bit special. We hope we make you proud and can’t wait to share this next one with you!