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The Rad Randall

The Rad Randall

It’s ok, most people don’t know what a “Randall” is. A Hop Randall is basically a filter  that enables you to filter wort or finished beer through fresh or dried hop flowers. Because the hops in the Randall stay well below the temperature that brings the bittering alpha acids into solution, it allows brewers to infuse their beer with more of the hop aromas you want, with less bitterness.

You can buy Hop Randalls, but we like to do things the hard way. Or in other words, a Randall just wasn’t in the budget. But our  blazing brewer and head of wizardry, Garrett, wouldn’t take no for an answer. So he started collecting bits and pieces here and there. Some tube stock here, some square stock there, some piping from the brewhouse, some triclover fittings. For 4 years he collected parts and then when they had a welder in to do some work he took the opportunity to ask him to weld all the stainless together while he was waiting on his next task.

And VOALA! We have our Randall.

Hops are super popular to put in an infuser, but the possibilities are endless. Some things we might try are kiwi fruit, elderflower tea, mangoes, apricots. If you have any other ideas let us know. If you’re lucky you’ll get to experience it in action at the Brookvale Truckbar.


The Hop Randall was probably originally developed by U.S. brewery Dogfish Head, to compete in the hop-heavy lupulin slam beer competition.