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1% FOR THE PLANET – Organic Matters

We love connecting with organisations that wear their hearts on their sleeves and are passionate about what they do, that is why we are proud to have donated to Organic Matters Foundation. Their work focuses on the neighbouring countries of the Pacific region and is grounded (no pun intended) in empowering education, sustainable farming and building strong communities.

Their work pioneers holistic land management, offering regenerative solutions that ensure strong yields can be maintained, without land degradation, biodiversity loss or loss of nutrients in soil. Often these practices have only been lost in the last generation, so the work of Organic Matters Foundation simply reminds farmers of the methods their parents and grandparents used.

Organic matters believe that the best place to start is with soil – with healthier soil, the way food is grown can change dramatically. This means farmers can grow more food at a lower cost with less environmental impact.
Our donation helped Organic Matters Foundation purchase soil testing and monitoring tools and helped them rewrite their Soil School syllabus, these tools are an essential part of the practical aspects of the training that they do. Amazingly, these tools will assist with their work training over 4,000 farmers in Fiji over a 3 year as each farmer attending Soil School will have access to the tools and syllabus.