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Nitro Boost

Nitro boost

Nitro beer! Hell yeah sounds awesome! What is it?

If you’ve ever been into the 4 Pines Manly brewpub or Brookvale Brewery Truckbar, you’ll have had our Stout poured on Nitro. It just gives it that marvellous head, those beautiful cascading bubbles, a creamy mouth feel and also enhances the flavours. Like a velvet dream.

It is different to almost every other beer you’ve ever had has been force carbonated with carbon dioxide (CO2) (including our Stout in bottles. CO2 is a colourless and odourless naturally occurring gas vital to life on Earth. It’s dissolved into beer before it’s kegged, bottled or before Barney Gumble reaches his head over the bar counter and drinks straight from the tap. It’s also the main propellant in his signature burp.

Infusing CO2 has been great for beer. As well as keeping the carbonation consistent, it’s a key component to keeping the beer fresh.

Nitro is the same concept except it’s more complicated. It took Guiness 4 years to perfect back in 1959. With a few exceptions (like Kilkenny), it’s not until recently that other breweries have pursued the goal of serving nitrogenised beer. Left Hand Brewing has made it popular in the USA and lots of breweries are following. In Australia the technique is in it’s infancy. Like a tadpole, it still doesn’t have legs. But we’re super excited to help this metaphorical frog grow.

Serving Nitro beer on tap has two parts. The first is carbonating the beer with a 70/30 mix of Nitro/CO2. The second part is on the pubs side where a nitro line is needed and a special tip on the tap that’s designed to slow the pour and to aerate the beer.

And now, for the first time in 4 Pines history, we’ll be sending our Nitro Stout  beyond our Manly Brepub and Brookvale Brewery Truckbar to select venues across Australia for all beer lovers to enjoy! Freshly kegged this Friday and leaving the brewery extra fast, keep a look out for it on tap at one of these venues.

Next time you get the chance, make sure you try a Nitro beer.

Available here:


Beers are being dispatched this week (week 22), so please check with the venue that they have it before heading down.


Royal Albert
Dove & Olive
Keg & Brew
Windsor RSL
The Grain Store


Crown and Scepture


Young and Jackson
Beer deluxe Fed Square
Mr Pauls
Carwyn Cellars
5th Province
East Brunswick


The Royal
Clancy’s City Beach


Statler & Waldorf
The Gresham
The Oxford Taphouse
Black Bunny
The Beach Hotel Byron Bay


Kegs are on their way. Venues will be listed soon!