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Kookoo for Quandongs

Kookoo for Quandongs

Quandongs! We hear you; what the hell is a quandong? “Can I use it to treat my rheumatism?” Possibly. “What about my knotted hair and my flakey skin” – you ask. Well we don’t have all the answers but traditionally aboriginals have used it for all those things.
So what is it? It’s a mysterious native Australian fruit – an Australian Wild Peach. Or desert peach, if you will.
A few months ago our onsite wizard and conjurer of this elixir, Garrett, started by brewing a batch of wheat beer that he poured into some wine barrels from the Hunter Valley region. The berries taste like a weird mixture of peaches, apricots and rhubarb. Garrett has stared into the dark liquid of his cauldron and as the stars reflected in the liquid he saw into the future. He foresaw that this will be the last and perfect ingredient in his potion. Over the next few months the contents of the barrels will go on an epic journey and change flavours many times before reaching perfection. Watch this space for updates.



The dried Quandongs going into the barrel.