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Jean Claude Van Lambic

As a part of our Keller Door Barrelled Series we’ve made a super limited release (only a few hundred bottles) of a barrel aged beer that we’ve lovingly names Jean Claude Van Lambic.

The muscles from Brussels with a sharp tongue and plenty of zest. With glutes as well rounded as the rings of Saturn and a martial arts pedigree so thorough that not a single foe did ever get the better of him.

A Golden Ale, Aged in Muscat barrels for 2 years, combining blended aromas of cherry and orange leaves, with the subtle addition of light, buttery overtones; Jean Claude Van Lambic is the full package. Take him hoe and let him do the rest. You’re in good hands.

7% ABV  |  22 IBU

This is not Jean Claude or a Lambic beer. If it were it would probably fly-kick you in the face. Also we’d have to have brewed it in the Zenne Valley to claim that name. It’s more our tribute to the wild-fermented, 3-year-aged styles the Belgian region is famous for (as well as to the greatest Belgian martial arts actor ever to grace the silver screen). We love Lambic beers and think this one displays many of the same attributes, along with some unique flavours of its own.


Where to get it

Sydney North
Porters Balgowlah
Beer Cartel
Belrose Hotel

Sydney West
Leura Cellars
Wenty North Liquor

Sydney South
Oak Barrel
Barny’s Liquor

Newcastle (from Friday 14th July)
Warners at Bay
Bottle O Lambton
Georgetown Cellars
Prince of Wales
Tighes Hill Cellars




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