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Introducing Keller Door Barrelled Series

The Keller Door Barrelled; having been nurtured through the brewers tinkering around with second use wine, port and whiskey barrels and has evolved as an extension of the original Keller Door brand.

The Keller Barrelled, of Wild Ales is driven by the same Keller Door philosophy; the only difference being the beer has been aged in barrels; imparting flavours on the base beer through the use of wild yeast. Complex flavours may include wild fermentation (primarily yeasts and lactic acid bacteria), infusion of wood flavours, flavours of previous products (sherry, wine, whisky etc) and infusion of other ingredients (fruits etc).

The process to deliver these beers is much more labour intensive due to the steps in the ageing process and given the nature of wild yeast (it will do anything) – they are truly never to be seen again.  The brewers are less guided by themselves and more guided by the beer and take on this journey with a higher risk to create something especially unique.

What is special, is that the journey of discovery doesn’t just stop at bottling or kegging. A Wild Ale is its own creature and people can finish the journey and drink it straight away, or choose to carry on with it by continuing the aging process.

This November, in time for our Public House opening in Newport, the brewers have released the first in this series of Keller Door Barrelled wild ales. You’ll find them on tap and in bottles, only at our venue in Newport. 

Keller Door Barrelled November ’16 Releases


10.1% ABV

Keg Release

Vlad, known for sitting calmly at the banquet table while victims of his tyranny writhe in pain, impaled on stakes set out around him, forming a border of terror and mystery. A prickly fellow, for sure, but one who hides dark, bold and heart-warming punches of smooth spirit flavour. History has him placed not only as an individual to be feared, but as the man responsible for the myth of Dracula. A night with him carries grave risk, but great reward. This Russian Imperial Stout is aged for 6 months in whiskey barrels from both Lark and Black Gate distillery.

King Dong

5.8% ABV

Keg Release

King Dong, known as the real king of the jungle. Likely to hurl a barrel right at the old kisser and leap to a-high only to rain down quandongs pulled fresh from the tallest trees in the jungle. Don’t take his behaviour to heart, it’s just a great ape having a laugh the way only great apes know how. If you can get past his socially unacceptable behaviour, you’ll find a complexity that oozes maturity and substance. A wheat beer style, wild fermented in the jungle within whiskey and muscat barrels. He’s tart, dry and aromatic, carrying with him a complex overlay of sweet fruits and spice. Join him on a congo-line boogy through the forest and get those hips shaking.

Jean Claude Van Lambic

7.0% ABV

800mL Bottle Release

The muscles from Brussels with a sharp tongue and plenty of zest. With glutes as well rounded as the rings of Saturn and a martial arts pedigree so thorough that not a single foe did ever get the better of him. Combining blended aromas of cherry and orange leaves, with the subtle addition of light, buttery overtones, Jean Claude Van Lambic is the full package. 

This is not Jean Claude or a Lambic beer. If it were it would probably fly-kick you in the face. Also we’d have to have brewed it in the Zenne Valley to claim that name. It’s more our tribute to the wild-fermented, 3-year-aged styles the Belgian region is famous for (as well as to the greatest Belgian martial arts actor ever to grace the silver screen). We love Lambic beers and think this one displays many of the same attributes, along with some unique flavours of its own.