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The Hop Revolution

The Hop Revolution.

We feel like that’s a fair title for the first post on our website. The feeling around the traps here at 4 Pines is that good things are happening and it seems to be rippling through the entire beer community.

All you need to do is walk into your local bottle shop or look at the taps and behind the bar at your favourite venue, craft beer is on the rise, so much so that it’s becoming difficult to keep up with the new breweries appearing on an almost weekly basis around the country.

“An important brewing milestone was passed earlier this year, although it is impossible to say exactly when. Sometime in 2014, the number of commercial breweries operating in Australia passed two hundred for the first time since the early twentieth century, that is, about one hundred years ago. Today’s figure includes the several very large breweries owned by SAB Miller and Kirin and a few others such as Coopers, but is mostly made up of the very many small-scale outfits that have all arisen in the past thirty years. [From Australian Small Brewery Update, Nov 2014]

This is astonishing considering the well documented fact that beer consumption has been on a steady decline over the past decade. According to the Australian Beureau of Statistics, in the last five years alone (2009-13) consumption has dropped from 81.1 million litres to 75.1 million litres.

Far from being cause for concern, this decline has in part been driven by the slow (but steady) growth of the craft beer segment in which you, good beer drinkers, are choosing quality over quantity and locally made and owned over giant multinationals. Nothing beats the musky odour and taste of sweat in your beer.

We love beer, we love good beer and we’re excited that more and more people are becoming passionate about what is put in their glass. Everybody’s tastes are different and no two journeys are the same, but whether your drop is a Pale Lager or Imperial Russian Stout we’re just happy to be part of the adventure.