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Great Hop for Space Beer

Great hop for space beer

Late last year we told the story of Space Beer and our journey towards a true blue approved space beer. Now just a year on; we’re even closer to having mankind kick back and enjoy a beer in space.

After having successfully created a tasty, high flavour (Ahem – award winning) beer that can be drunk in space (the 4 Pines Space Beer Stout) in 2011, our mission then was to develop the technology that would allow space venturers to drink the beer from a bottle like their fellow land-dwellers (rather than the ‘squeeze’ packet designs that astronauts currently use for water and orange juice etc.). The biggest challenge being that Liquid’s inability to pour in zero gravity meant that a special space beer bottle device was required to extract beer from the bottle to sip.

In November 2013, after two years of development by space gurus our partners at Saber Astronautics, such a device was born and flown into history after a successful Zero G test flight. Our test pilots Jason Held and Tara Croft were able to enjoy a cold beer in the same way they would here on earth. Now we were getting somewhere fast.  Space beer was fast becoming a reality.

After a few more tests and tweaks, in 2015 we had work to do to. It’s been all systems go to design a vessel for commercial production that will hold the first drinkable beer in space and one that didn’t look like a kids yoghurt squeezie tube.

In February 2015 we teamed up with AUXILIARY – Australia’s Independent Design School, to start the process of creating a beer bottle concept that would not only adhere to strict space regulations (such as materials e.g. no glass allowed) and Brewing requirements (sanitisation, filling etc) but also to encase the Saber engineered insert to facilitate beer extraction from the bottle in zero gravity.

Closer to home though, we wanted that good earth beer experience to transfer to space; a bottle that would provide as close to a feel of terrestrial consumption as possible – without the use of straws or plastic bag.

With a timeline of only three weeks, (a tough ask for even an experienced Industrial Designer), the designers at AUXILIARY met the challenge, presenting their concepts which included lo-fi prototyping, parametric modelling, renderings and 3-D printed prototypes. It was impressive.

We’ve since selected a bottle design for further commercial development, which we’ve got under wraps for now (watch this space!), but wanted to show off some of the talented designers and their bottle designs that didn’t make the final cut, to show you some of the challenges they faced and solutions they engineered to meet all the requirements.

Now all we need is space tourism to take off!

Find more info on the project and the people behind it here:

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