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A hop across to NZ

Hops season is in full swing on our side of the blue marble and there’s something special in the air. It’s pungent, dank, delicate and delicious. Hop flowers are weighing down hop bines everywhere and the farmers are busy picking and drying and eventually pelletising.

Most hop farms grow a variety of hops, but some hops are a bit picky about where they grow so some hop farms will have more luck with a particular hop than others. When it comes to picking, the big players will cut off the plant at the base, leave the roots in tact and ready to sprout again next season.

Chris and Lindsey hit New Zealand this year and hit a few farms in and around Nelson. They were invited to visit the research station which birthed so many of the famous New Zealand, some of which that are in our beers – like the Nelson Souvign which is part of what makes the Indian Summer Ale such a winner.


Picking these flowers and crushing them in your hand is enough to release their aromas. So pungent and fresh! (all the great hop oils are stored in the tiny yellow resin sacks at the base of the petal.


Lindsey reckons this place is alright.


Scraping some resinous hop hash off the machinery.


Mark from Newstead Brewing having a relaxing bath.



We want to extend a big thanks to all of them with a special thanks to Sandy and John from Hopco and Doug at New Zealand Hops for taking such good care of them.

Another crew just hit Tassy. More to come on that trip.