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Fresh in Season IPA #2


Beer fact 1: What makes hoppy IPA’s so exciting to drink are the hops.

Beer fact 2: Hops are harvested annually then bagged and used for the rest of the year.

Beer fact 3: Southern and Northern hemisphere hop seasons are about 6 months apart.

Beer fact 4: Hops are a flower and once picked the flavor and aroma producing oils and acids in hops begin to deteriorate with exposure to time, oxygen, light and heat

Beer fact 5: 4 Pines philosophy on its own IPA is all about FRESHNESS and IN SEASON


We ensure that every 6 months around the time of the latest hop harvest (northern or southern hemisphere) we are constantly evolving our IPA recipe to ensure there is a focus on putting the freshest hops from around in the globe in your glass.

And as for “FRESH” we make just enough of 4 Pines IPA at once and make sure it is sent out of our brewery to bottle shops and pubs straight away, to do our part to ensure that only the very freshest IPA is reaching thirsty IPA drinkers mouths.


So what’s IN SEASON now?

Northern Hemisphere hops.

If you are a fan of American Pale Ales and IPAs, then the chances are that one of the main reasons for your infatuation with these styles is due to the big “3 Cs” – Old School Pacific North West Hops.


All three of these hops are grown in the Pacific Northwest of the USA and epitomize the Pale Ale and India Pale Ale styles championed by the brewers of that region over the last several decades.


FRESH IN SEASON IPA NO. 2 is big, bold and brash, with audacious late kettle and dry-hop additions of the 3 “C’s”. Cascade and Centennial give this beer a huge citrus-forward punch leaning towards fresh lemon and grapefruit zest. While the addition of Columbus adds a spicy, grassy and herbal complexity that complements a drier and resinous finish leaving you wanting another pint.


Want to know more about our Fresh in Season philosophy? Read on here.