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Double Cascadian Dark Ale

Keller Door – Double Cascadian Dark Ale


Following on from our most recent Keller Door of wintery goodness that was The Black Box of Dark Ales, this Keller Door small batch beer will unite even the fiercest of foes. The Starks and the Lannisters. Shorten and Turnbull. South and North Korea. Even Kanye and Taylor.

Robust, jam-packed with fresh hops from the West Coast of the USA and so roasty you could carve it, the Double Cascadian Dark Ale is just as intriguing as its motherland, ‘The Peoples Republic of Cascadia’. Entwined in a murky history of hops and hostility, this self-designated region includes British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, western Idaho and northern California. The name ‘Cascadia’ is derived from the Cascade Mountain Ranges which spans these territories, and these northerners take great pride in their hops and their region. We, for one, are not going to argue with them; we’ll take their hops and throw them a bone by naming our beer after them.


500mL Beer | 8% ABV | 85 IBU

“Hidden in the midst, tantalising the senses with the mystery of a palette born straight out of a passion so deep, few dare to seek it. So dark, the darkness is double. What is black times two? It’s a mystery and in this mystery, a light shines clear; the light of chocolate roasted carafa malt, boosted up towards the citrus shine of lemon and grapefruit from classic hops of the Pacific Northwest. Where the dark is darkest. Come out of the shadow, Double Cascadian Dark Ale”

Malts: Pale, Caramunich, Crystal, Wheat, Carapils, Carafa Special

Hops: Columbus (bittering hop). Columbus, Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo (Aroma)

Double Cascadian Dark Ale is available in limited release, in the 500mL bottle from mid-July in leading bottle shops around the country. See locations here.