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Keller Door: Cold Brew Coffee Kolsch

From two good things, we’ve brought you something better.

Rejoice! For you can now combine your love of ice cold beer with your passion for a glorious cold brewed coffee.

To bring iced coffee and iced beer together in a spectacular union, our alchemists at 4Pines have been working on a beverage that screams ‘Aussie summer’ louder than cicadas and citronella. Using our experimental small brew tank, we’ve brought the dark side to the light for our latest small-batch beer, the Cold Brew Coffee Kolsch.

Here’s what we did:
First up, we plundered around 100kg of ethically sourced coffee beans from a local brewery of a different kind — Barrel One in Brookvale (and when we say ‘plundered’, what we did was ask really nicely).

After a cold overnight bath in deaerated water in our tiny tank at Brookvale, we treated the beans to a delicious soak in a specially modified Kolsch.

To let the coffee tones stand out amongst the flavour of the beer, we reduced the dry hop and boosted the ABV to 4.8%.

The result when cold brew meets Kolsch? A light, easy drinking and refreshing ale with a surprising burst of coffee floating on your palate.

Buyer beware… looks can be deceiving! On inspection, the golden hue suggests a sunny summer drop that is perfect for drinking poolside. But take a sip and you’ll notice the flavour evokes the fullness of a much darker, well-bodied brew.

Available on tap in great bars across Australia. Grab your one while it lasts.

Not at your favourite bar? Ask them to get it in!


Our tiny 5 hec tank ❤️😊