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Chris Wilcock - Chief Brewer

Brewer Profile: Chris Willcock (Chief Brewer)

Around the 4 Pines brewing traps Chris is El Padre, but don’t be fooled, his boyish good looks and unflappable nature are all a façade. We once saw Chris take off his boot on the soccer pitch and beat someone – studs out*.

Chris kicked off his career as a scientist, working as a geneticist with several medical research institutes before his love of good beer and brewing got the better of him. His training as a brewer began at the boutique Bluetongue Brewery on the outskirts of the Hunter Valley. Bluetongue expanded rapidly during his 6 years and a new, much larger Bluetongue Brewery was built in 2010 on the Central Coast of NSW. Chris led the set-up of their state-of-the-art laboratory and worked closely with several major international beer brands to establish local brewing franchises in Australia.

A two-time judge at the Australian International Beer Awards and on the cusp of completing a Masters in Brewing, Chris is now well established as Chief Brewer at 4 Pines Brewing Company.

He and his team are currently working on the expansion of the 4 Pines Brewery HQ in Brookvale, Sydney which can boast to be the largest independently-owned brewery in Australia. Combined with the microbrewery at their brewpub in Manly, 4 Pines now produces over 40 beer styles a year, which is exactly the type of canvas for innovation and experimentation that this scientist turned brewer thrives on. ]

Chris is the reason that 4 Pines beer tastes so good, he loves what he does and we love him. In his spare time  Chris can be found decorating the house, walking the dog and skimming stones on still ponds, whilst laughing and sharing ice-cream with his wife Penny and son Hugo.

*probably not true