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Bines vs Vines

Bines VS Vines

Have you been making the mistake of saying hop vines instead of hop bines? Don’t worry most people do.

So what’s the difference? A vine climbs using tendrils or suckers. This means they can cling to walls and all sorts of things. A bine on the other hand grows in a helix around a support. This means that it spins around whatever it’s climbing, so can only climb up things that it can wrap itself around. This is why they string the hop bines. Often they need some assistance in their journey upwards, so the hop farmers help get them started by spinning them up the string when they get long enough.

Another great fact is that all hop bines used in beer brewing wrap in a clockwise direction. It has nothing to do with the sun or which hemisphere they grow in, which was a popular belief.

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