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Beer School - Basic Beer Science

Beer School: Basic Beer Science


International Bitterness Unit (IBU) measures how bitter a beer is based on its hop content.

It is the process of Isomerisation of the alpha acids. Regular commercial lagers that we are used to in Australia have an IBU of approximately 17.


Not all beers are alike and many of today’s beers can be rather high in alcohol, it’s not unusual to find beers in the vicinity of 10-15% Alcohol By Volume (ABV). All our beers list their ABV and this plays an important role in the flavour of the beer. Keep a track of ‘standard drink’ consumption, focus on drinking quality not quantity and your tastebuds, liver and head will thank you.


A standard drink is any drink containing 10 grams of alcohol. One standard drink always contains the same amount of alcohol regardless of container size or alcohol type.

The formula for working out the number of standard drinks is:

Volume in litres x ABV(ml/100ml) x 0.789* = number of std drinks.

For example, to work out the standard drinks of a 375mL beer that has an ABV of 5%, the formula would be:

0.375 x 5 x 0.789 = 1.4 std drinks.

*The specific gravity of ethyl alcohol is 0.789