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4 Pines Community Funded Solar

Sunlight has the magic to generate electricity to help power our brewery, making sure that we do the right thing for our planet. Find out what we’re brewing up when it comes to solar power and the community.

Here at our Brewery and HQ in Brookvale on the Northern beaches of Sydney, the beer brewed is made possible in part thanks to a very ‘hot one’… everyone’s favourite sphere of hot plasma, the SUN!

Forty per cent of the electricity needed to power our Brewery, pack line and offices now comes from the sun’s rays.

Installing on-site solar with the help of solar engineers Smart Commercial Solar is part of our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, but beyond putting the panels up, we wanted to do something even more innovative.

Community funded solar

Enter Australia’s two leading community solar organisations, Pingala and ClearSky Solar Investment. As part of their first-ever co-lab, we came up with something pretty special, inviting 4 Pines employees, friends and Northern Beaches locals to participate and make-up an inclusive investor portfolio.

It didn’t take long to get interest from investors, so much, in fact, that we had to draw names (and of course one of our handy team member custom-built a mini-brewery replica to draw them from).

So how does it work? Solar power is a renewable energy source which is cleaner, faster and cheaper than grid-supplied electricity. 4 Pines will continue to pay for electricity consumed, with the proceeds being returned to shareholders via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Smart Commercial Solar.

This collaboration has nationwide significance since it offers a new path to allow individuals to fund the solar projects of businesses and organisations anywhere in Australia with a return of up to 8% on their investment.

Cheers to that!

At 4 Pines, we have our own Sustainability Manager, the legendary Kiera.

Here’s her take: “Over the years, we’ve worked to brew beer using our resources wisely, energy included, so that we can do our best to take responsibility for the impact we have on the planet. 4 Pines sees the value and importance of renewable energy but didn’t want to be the only ones to benefit from the solar system set to power our brewery. Why not share the love with our local community? We’re honoured to be working with our partners who are leading the way to a renewable energy revolution.”

We hope you’ll get even more enjoyment from your 4 Pines beer, knowing it was partly powered by the sun through solar that’s fully funded by a community getting a return on their investment.

Watch this space for more updates on our commitment to purchase 100% renewable electricity.

Want to learn more about Community Solar? Check out the websites of our pals at Pingala and ClearSky Solar.

The formal stuff: Even though this article discusses investment, we need to point out: 4 Pines brews beer, not financial advice.