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Manly Cricket

4 pines brewers take on manly cricket

Standing vulnerable yet defiant, quivering with fear yet bolstered by courage, and tinkering dangerously on the edge of screaming like small school girls witnessing Justin Bieber enter an arena, the 4 Pines team faced Manly Cricket’s finest in a net session that has the brewery team still fighting to properly heal their fragile bodies.

With tension rife in the air and eager eyes looking on as the padded lambs of 4 Pines took stance before the bowlers’ slaughter. The carnage began.

One after another, Manly’s quicks fired bouncers in, while the spinners had 4 Pines’ batsmen falling over their own feet like a B Grade Celebrity dancing the two step in an attempt to revive their career on Dancing With The Stars.

‘We’ll look after you’, they said.

‘We’ll bowl down off side’, they said.

‘You’ll be wearing pads’, they said.

Joel Mason lost the trust of 4 Pines’ with those words. But we love him anyway.

Then, like a southerly change in summer that makes standing in speedos at the beach much less enjoyable, the 4 Pines crew rallied. Maybe it was Nick taking it on the chin-literally, or Adams fancy footwork. Or it could have been the fear that Gums, one of Manly’s star spinners, who attacks with glacial pace deadly exactitude, would never let us live it down if we didn’t hit at least one out of the park. Finally the team came good.

We won’t be playing for Manly any time soon. But we can hold our heads high when we’re down at the oval in the summer watching the boys in white do their thing while we have a few cold ones.

We’ll stick to making beer and leave the cricket to the cricketers.