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Lemon Melon Wit

ABV: 5.1%

IBU: 18

Tasting Notes:

Belgium, from Brussels to Bruges, speaking Flemish, French and fully fledged Dutch, this nation has as many breweries as you’ll find hairs on Pops shoulders.

Lucky, considering that from the moment their ruler, “Bill of Orange”, met his demise plummeting from a horse tripping in a mole hole, the country has known little balance, other than in its beers. Lemon Melon Wit is a balancing act of universal brilliance and a refreshing twist on the traditionally spiced Belgian witbier, with a late infusion of watermelon juice and lemon zest.


Ale Malt, Pale Wheat Malt and Rolled Oats.


Moutere and Huell Melon.


Exclusively in the 2017 Christmas Pack.