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Kiwi Brut IPA

ABV: 7.0%

IBU: 20

Tasting Notes:

Beached as in the Pacific and slinging choice flavours as big as rugby players, comes this skux deluxe New Zealand taste sensation for a new generation of IPA’s. Born deep within the hobbit holes and guarded by Tolkienesque cave trolls, it’s a chilly-bin worthy mean-as Kiwi Brut IPA. With 100% NZ hops and Kiwifruit from way out in The Wops, the spritzy light body will have you dreaming of the land of the long white cloud before nek-minute the dry finish chills you to the bone.


Ale Malt
Fresh Kiwi Fruit




In keg at 4 Pines
500ml bottles Aus wide
Week 1 in NSW, w2 in QLD & VIC, w3 to 4 everywhere else.

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