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Manly Underground

Underground Manly

Brunch without beer is just breakfast. Beer has, throughout the centuries, been celebrated with every meal of the day. However, humans became boring somewhere along the way. Alas, 4 Pines Underground is all about bringing this age old tradition back for good.

Using recycled timbers salvaged from a derelict Victorian cottage, some huge black steel pipes bringing beer from upstairs and seriously moody (think Barry White) bunker lighting, we’ve created a Armageddon proof* toasty warm log cabin – ready for a brunch, lunch dinner (or all in one day) experience, tucked right beneath the original Brewpub in Manly.

*Not actually fit for Armageddon.

  Venue Hours

Manly Underground is open everyday for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Monday to Sunday 07:00 am until Late

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Where to find us

Underground Manly
29/43-45 East Esplanade, Manly, NSW 2095


Limited bookings are taken for groups of six or more before 6:30pm everyday. After this time, and for smaller groups, turn up with a smile and we’ll do our best and bend over backwards to get you seated and ready to settle in. To make a booking, please either call or email the venue.

Ph: (02) 9977 5287 
E: venue@4pinesbeer.com.au

The Doors Open!

The handcrafted design of many masterminds that has seen the opening of our third venue Underground Manly…

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Keller Door


Grapefruit IPL

14 IBU - 5.5%

Bursting with ruby red grapefruit and a citrusy bitterness, all beautifully balanced by sweet malt and a light refreshing body.

Australian Strong Ale

19 IBU - 5.5%

Sour and fruity with a complex malt flavour enhanced by an addition of black strap molasses.

Australian Mild Ale

28 IBU - 3.5%

A light, crisp mouthfeel, with an estery and stonefruit aroma.

Coconut Porter

30 IBU - 6.0%

Breakfast of champions! Generous additions of Weetbix, Milo and lactose infused with toasted coconut.

Where to Find Us