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Manly Brew Pub

Brew Pub Manly

Where it all began

The love child of a post surf beer and a casual conversation between father and son – our Brew Pub in Manly is where 4 Pines was born. With our original microbrewery still onsite, very much alive and kicking, step up to the brewing enclosure and catch a glimpse of our brewers jumping from vessel to vessel, working on the origins of of our small batch keller door beers.

Tapping on the glass is prohibited, the vibrations can derail their creative thinking.

Venue Hours

Manly Brewpub is open everyday for lunch and dinner.

Monday to Sunday 11:00 am until Late

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 Where to find us

Brew Pub Manly
29/43-45 East Esplanade, Manly, NSW 2095


Limited bookings are taken for groups of six or more before 6:30pm everyday. After this time, and for smaller groups, turn up with a smile and we’ll do our best and bend over backwards to get you seated and ready to settle in. To make a booking, please either call or email the venue.

Ph: (02) 9976 2300
E: venue@4pinesbeer.com.au

Brewery Tours

Tours of the original Manly Brewpub run Monday to Friday. Booking aren’t required, just turn up 10 minutes before and let staff know you’re wanting to participate.


Tours are $25 and a 4 Pines core range tasting rack.

Tour Hours

Monday – Friday – 12.30pm sharp
Ph: (02) 9976 2300      E: venue@4pinesbeer.com.au


Keller Door


Grapefruit IPL

14 IBU - 5.5%

Bursting with ruby red grapefruit and a citrusy bitterness, all beautifully balanced by sweet malt and a light refreshing body.

NZ Pale

35 IBU - 4.3%

Bright and vibrant, showcasing a broad spectrum of tropical fruit characters typical of NZ hops.

Australian Strong Ale

19 IBU - 5.5%

Sour and fruity with a complex malt flavour enhanced by an addition of black strap molasses.

English Brown Cask Ale

18 IBU - 2.5%

Brown in colour and caramel-centric. A malt focused British session ale that is refreshing yet flavourful.

Australian Mild Ale

28 IBU - 3.5%

A light, crisp mouthfeel, with an estery and stonefruit aroma.

Where to Find Us