About Keller Door

Cellar Door has often been cited as the most beautiful sounding phrase in the English language, its practical usage in brewing relates to the location of a brewers storage and/or sales rooms.

In Australia it is probably more commonly known for its application in the winemaking industry however appears to have originally gained popularity in the US through the rise of speakeasies during the prohibition (which were often hidden in basements).

Keller Door is an appropriation of the German ‘Keller’ meaning cellar, and whilst the German’s have never been accused of having the world’s most beautiful sounding language, they have been known to make a decent beer or two, so a tip of the hat to our German friends.

4 Pines Keller Door portrays the traits and qualities of 4 Pines, whilst also having its own unique reason for being. It’s where the 4 Pines brewing team really unleash their creative talents, in one-off, small batch (maybe never to be seen again) brews. Keller Door’s creativity and innovation are our way of contributing to the evolution of craft beer in Australia (and the world). Most importantly Keller Door represents non-core beers that 4 Pines are extremely proud of.

Each Keller Door release is designed to challenge beer enthusiasts to think about the process, ingredients, innovation or occasion associated with the beers they love. Whether it be the stripped back hop platform of a single hop brew, German influenced lagers or more aggressive styles such as bold, new world IPAs or Imperial Stouts, we’re always learning and hope to educate beer lovers along the way.

This gives us a fantastic range of different styles every year in our pursuit to keep your beer drinking lives really interesting.

Double Cascadian Dark Ale

Kolsch / Pale Ale / Hefeweizen / Stout / ESB / Keller Door